Clementine's Party is Back!

Hey Babes! 

We are officially back and have booked our first show of the year! We can't wait to party with everyone's favorite little fruit, Clementine Peel on February 23rd at Sante Bar! Our gracious host has made one request; all Robyn music, all night. Cast announcement and official invites coming soon, so stay tuned! 

With a new year and a new era, we have made the decision to make every party into a fundraiser! Entry to the party is $10 and we are asking for donations of cash or tampons for p:ear.

 p:ear builds positive relationships with homeless and transitional youth through education, art and recreation to affirm personal worth and create more meaningful and healthier lives. Each year our programs serve almost 900 homeless and transitional young people ages 15 to 24. Check them out,

We can't wait to party for a good cause and celebrate bodies on stage! Support queer art and local advocacy! Stay safe, stay strong!

New Year, New Work

Let's face it, no one was truly ready for the election results. We certainly didn't expect white women to chose their whiteness over the safety of literally everyone else. We took some time to process and really consider what Pink Hanky can do for the community in Portland and beyond. In times of fear, oppression, and resistance artistic expression is paramount. We are still the premiere space in PDX for artist and audience to connect, support, and inspire one another.

In addition to our performances and workshops, we are preparing for intense grassroots organizing. We have registered with Indivisible and are busy utilizing their guide to demand action from our local and federal government. Our goal is to speak with our community and demand better leadership. 

Hey Babes!

While our week has been quite emotional and full of self-care, we have also been incredibly busy trying to keep up with our ambitions. We are eagerly awaiting November and the arrival of our guest all the way from NYC, Dawn Crandall and her one woman show, Xenophobadelica! What we haven't told you yet, is that she's also teaching a full day of workshops! This bad-ass lady is bringing 2 classes, "Introduction to the Art of Political Burlesque," AND "The Body as Storyteller." Stay tuned for more information and where to reserve your spot! We can't wait to take her classes and see all your lovely faces, bodies, and stories there! Y'all! Pink Hanky is legit giddy with excitement.